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You can dance!

Living in Redondo Beach is a major miracle. For those of you who have migrated here from Medellin, or Cleveland, or Detroit, or, especially, New York -- you came here for the miracle. Right? I mean, who gets to live in Redondo Beach, or Hermosa Beach, or, especially Manhattan Beach? We may not all be in the #1%, but we have all certainly landed in paradise. Right?

And, of course, living in paradise means we are all super happy, fulfilled, and prosperous. Right?

Especially if you are married. In real numbers, “under the worse-case scenario,” single men could die about eight to 17 years earlier than their married male friends, says David Roelfs, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Louisville, Ky. Women don't fare much better. They could die seven to 15 years earlier than their married female counterparts.

So, married and living in Redondo Beach: wow, this must be heaven.

Except, sometimes it isn't.

Imagine you are this couple: both of you have great jobs that you moved to Los Angeles to get. Your family and a your college friends live in other cities, and it's super hard to make new friends sitting in traffic on the 405. Both of you travel a lot, and work long hours (plus the commute). Weekends are for errands and washing a week's worth of dishes; getting to the gym; calling Mom and catching up on sleep. Maybe you have sex. Maybe.

Add kids to this equation, or trying to have kids, and paradise doesn't feel like paradise any more.

Believe it or not, there is a solution. I can't guarantee it works, but hundreds (literally hundreds) of couples of all ages have sat on my couch over the years until I have figured out a system that seems to work really well. It takes 10 weeks of concentrated effort on all our parts in results in:

1) An in-depth inside out profile of the specific focus areas for improving your marriage.

2) Better negotiating skills (useful all over your life).

3) Improved emotional literacy.

3) Using vulnerability to improve intimacy.

4) Learning to express and receive gratitude and appreciation.

5) Creating dreams and visions for your lives together that matter.

Check out this video for a brief sample. We'll be previewing the program week by week in these blogs, but, of course, it works better in person. Email us today for more information about how 10 weeks can change your lives.



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