Touch me, Heal me...

Do we take time to touch our children, our friends, our pets (they probably insist on it...). Check out this perspective from my friend Helen at Serve the Goddess. What about five minutes of Touch Time every day, maybe during the no #screentime hours. For every one in the family, even the hamster. That's alot, but you can accomplish it while snuggling at bed time.

What if we had #Fitbits that measured how often and for how long we touch/are touched. What would be the equivalent of 10,000 steps? A #massage lasts an hour, but that is a special event. If you are in a relationship that involves sex, how much touch is included in your time of intimacy with your partner?

Like anything else, if your well is dry, it's hard to be generous. But the good news is, touch is a two way street. You are filling up your well while you are filling another's! How magical is that?

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