3 parenting must do's to start the school year right!

I hate it when the kids go #back-to-school. Suddenly, I have no excuse to be lazy and let them make their own PB&J's. So here are three tricks I use to tune myself up for MUCH busier life that starts before summer even ends...

FIrst, we "vacation-ize" our "normal" lives. We sit down as a family and identify a couple of things that made our vacation great, and see if we can figure out creative ways to keep doing them! Did you go somewhere special? Maybe you could blow up some photos to poster size to put in the kid's room. Did you entertain other families? Plan and schedule family parties in the Fall.

Second, we pick a not-so-fun thing that happened over the summer (that usually involves me getting mad), and re-visit it in a fun way. Like, if someone spilled milk at a restaurant, what if we all had a milk "shower", with real milk, standing in the real shower. Buy two or three gallons and surprise the children with how goofy our family is by pouring it all over ourselves.The way to turn shame into joy? Go towards it and bring it out into the open. And laugh!

Third, we make time to get #off-the-grid each week.That means you, too, Mom and Dad! Screen Time 0 for a few HOURS on Sunday. Gee, what will we do with that time? Go for a walk (your doggie will thank you!)? Practice our Spanish (try #duolingo, the free language learning app...oh, yeah, that involves screen time...) Go to the #library and get some real books (most libraries are actually closed on Sunday).

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