Mindfulness: The World's Oldest Hot New Trend

Teenagers have discovered mindfulness. In middle and high school campuses, guided mindfulness groups are improving relationships and executive functioning (that means better grades...) It is so stressful being a teenager. Not only do we have to prepare ourselves for the adult life of responsibility; but also we have to learn alot of really hard and seemingly useless information, pass many tests, make and keep friends and romance, worry about money, and be old enough to see the chinks in the family armor.

We need a place to go! We need someone to talk to who is not our boyfriend or our mom, or even our bestie.And that place is always available -- right inside us. If we can just get quiet for a moment and let go...Here is a really nice guided meditation I found on YouTube. Ask your school if they are providing a room and a guide every day where you can get quiet...Sounds nice doesn't it?

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