Stillwater Makes it Easy: A Special Free Program just for pre-schools, their children, parents, and staff.





STILLWATER FAMILY THERAPY introduces another amazing program called, “Stillwater Makes it Easy.”  This program targets the classroom setting and the ability to get through the day with less stress and more positive energy, spending more time teaching and less time with interruptions.  This program is designed especially for pre-schools and children who desire and need one-on-one attention.
Stillwater's child expert, Virginia Green, PhD, has a passion for working with children and wants to create a more enjoyable and positive experience for both the children and the teachers.  The following are some areas where Macy can really help out:
  • Behavioral issues in the classroom
  • Getting along with peers
  • Sharing
  • Teaching children how to use their words in an effective way
If you think your child or student needs special one-on-one attention, please refer them to Stillwater for an assessment.
Let’s make 2019 a great year for our children and our pre-school teachers!